Jami Gibbs

Hello! I’m Jami Gibbs and I'm a software engineer from Chicago. I founded Rescue Themes which specializes in nonprofit and niche website templates. Currently I'm working in GovTech modernizing citizen services, advocating for accessibility, and leading open source government projects.

When I'm not contributing to a cool project or sharpening my engineering skills, I'm woodworking and kicking up road dust.

Latest Work

Text Revealer

Text Revealer is a browser script to assist in revealing deeper information about highlighted text on a page. When text is selected or highlighted, a popover displays useful details about the text such as Wikipedia entires and dictionary definition. Available as a standalone script or Chrome Extension.

Built using Vanilla Javascript.

Manage Gifts

Manage Gifts allows you to organize your gift giving throughout the year. Find gifts online and assign them to a gift receiver. Track how many gifts you’ve assigned, purchased, and the cost for each.

Built using Node, Express, React, Redux, Material-UI, and PostgreSQL.

Code Map

Code Map aggregates user submitted online resources and groups them into sequential learning paths which are managed using a Neo4j graph database. As learning paths are completed, resources are reviewed and rated which allows Code Map to recommend higher quality learning material based on user ratings and connections.

Built using React, Redux, Material-UI, Neo4j, and Cypher query language

Get Me There Better!

A mobile app that provides multiple options getting from your current location to a given destination. It indicates an optimal route based on cost or time preference with route details for each: CTA transit, Divvy bike, walking, or Lyft rideshare

Built with React Native, Redux, NativeBase.io, and Google APIs.


Scribe is a WordPress theme that excels as a writing presentation tool. The focus is on your words. You’ll have access to several customization settings within the native WordPress Customizer such as sitewide colors, logo image, and custom background image settings.

Built with WordPress, Underscores (_s), Zurb Foundation, and Sass.


A minimalist, responsive portfolio theme.

Built with Jekyll with Bootstrap

Get In Touch!

Send me an email or ping me on Mastodon. I’m also on Github, Dribbble, and Linkedin if you’re into that sort of thing.